The Good Grove

Because good times call for great olives.

Develop an identity for a new olive brand. The product was known to be of the highest quality and therefore the name “The Good Grove” was chosen. 3 SKU’s had been scheduled for roll-out so a way to distinguish the range was vital. Also with no brand story, we needed something to work with for the brand.

Many are picked, few are chosen. Only the finest olives earn the right to be called Good Grove. And good they are – firm, fleshy and bursting with juicy saltiness. Because good times call for great olives.

Olives, generally being a shared food for platters needed to evoke life and fun. The colours were chosen to differentiate the products and sit cohesively on the shelf. A fun and rustic typographic treatment was used which was then developed into iconography and illustrations on the packs.


Branding, Identity, Packaging