The Good Food Co.

Peppercorn was looking to expand their reach. With two product categories under their name, one a healthier extra lean option and the other a premium butcher’s range they needed to bring these both to life on the supermarket shelf.

Peppercorn is the good food company. Always using the finest quality and upholding the finest standards, there is a product for everyone.

The two ranges “Extra Lean” and “Butcher’s Classic” were created. The typography styles are consistent with an image style specific to the two ranges. The Extra Lean range incorporates whites, fresh produce and a “healthier alternative” to appeal to those more health conscious. Whereas the Butcher’s Classic speaks to those wanting a classic burger or sausage, rustic and hearty.

My role on this task has spanned from Design, Digital and Art Direction with the entire packaging development, web design and art direction of the product as well as press executions. I have an ongoing role with social media and art directed a competition “Share the Good” in May of 2018.


Art Direction, Identity, Web Design, Packaging