Mandoon Estate

Development of 3 identities to sit under the Mandoon Estate brand

Mandoon Estate were branching out to provide a variety of offerings when visiting their homestead in the Swan Valley. These offerings ranged from premium accomodation (The Colony), to a fine dining restaurant (Wild Swan) and lastly a casual and family-friendly space for a drink and a bite (The Llawn).

Mandoon Estate is the destination for everyone. With it’s rich West Australian heritage it allows everyone from all walks of life to come and settle.

The designs are unified in their uniqueness, with each becoming a destination in their own rights. The Colony focusses on the heritage aspects of the Swan River colony settlements and distances travelled. The Llawn was named after “Location L”, which was John Septimus Roe’s original homestead location and references a staking your patch on the lawn to relax. The Wild swan celebrates hand typography and signature techniques of the past with wild and fluid strokes just as the black swans on the Swan River.


Branding, Identity, Web Design, Signage